Question PC turns off when i plug more than one display into my GPU ?


Aug 6, 2020
I've been using two monitors for a while, both are older monitors that only support vga so i used hdmi/dp to vga adapters to get them to work, but a few weeks ago my dp stopped working, im not sure if its the adapter or the actual port, so i bought a new adapter, this time dvi to vga, but now, when i plug in a hdmi and dvi port, the monitors display goes blank, then it comes back, then goes blank again and turns the pc off ?

I can use just the dvi, or just the hdmi, but when i try use both my pc just doesnt work with it, its not the monitors as its happens even when the monitor is not connected to the adapter. i've looked everywhere i can, but no-one else seems to have this issue.


How much HDMI/DVI to VGA adapters you have? Are both adapters work separately? Which kind of DVI port your GPU or motherboard have? DVI-D or DVI-A? It is desktop computer or laptop - system specs wouldn't hurt.

Both HDMI to VGA and DVI-D to VGA adapters use active components inside and draw power from video output. On brief guess two possible causes. Either one adapter is faulty or both adapters together draw too much power and cause +5V rail brownout with subsequent shutdown. Check both adapters separately with both monitors - are they works like that. If yes, try to swap monitors and adapters (logically futile, but may help IRL). If both adapters are functional then one of them must be replaced to less power hungry one. Or get at least one monitor with HDMI or DVI input.