Question PC turns off when I run specific game!!!

Jun 5, 2020
MY pc is fine temps are good when I stress my pc or playing other games but when I run mortal kombat 11 while its loading my pc restarts and shows blue screen in middle tells that error happened and collecting info or something like that my power supply is good too
is it a virus ?? anyway I am running a malware scanner to see
I tell you the news
thank you....


Check the event logs, see what happened just before the crash (Which will show as an unexpected shutdown. likely)

Try re-installing the game. If you can force it to an older version, try that. Narrow down if the problem is coming from software or something else.

If you haven't updated your drivers in a while, do so. Amazing how often a sound driver or graphics driver starts causing a problem after a Windows update or a game update. They test against the latest during builds, typically.
remove any overclock software for the CPU and GPU.
set the game to run in a lower resolution and see if it still causes a bugcheck.

copy the minidump file from c:\windows\minidump directory and put it on a cloud server like microsoft one drive, share the file, and post a link

confirm any supplemental power connections from the PSU to the GPU are fully connected.