Nov 18, 2016
So earlier today, I wanted to update the software with MSI live update 6 and it also included a bios update. I ran the live update and the screen went black and nothing else worked other than fans (i couldnt see if the mobo was also working, i just heard fans spinning).
So i opened it up and when i plugged the power in and turned the switch, the mobo automatically turned on and it had VGA and CPU lights on in the EZ debug lights section. Also the fans spun ( cpu fan, case fans, psu fan and gpu fan).
The power button doesnt work and the fans just keep spinning if the psu is turned on, it doesnt stop, i watched them spin for 10 min.

System specs:
Mobo: MSI B450m Gaming plus
CPU: AMD R5 2600
GPU: Zotac GTX 1070 8gb
RAM: 16gb Corsair (3000mhz)
SSD: 256gb crucial mx5
PSU: cooler master 500w (its a bit old)

I also tried switching to another psu (750w), I plugged the mobo and cpu in and the same thing happened.
I tried flashing CMOS, it didnt work.

One more thing to note is that the keyboard doesnt turn on when i turn on the psu. I cant boot because the power button doesnt work or the cpu ez debug light is stopping it.