Question PC turns on, black screen and won’t boot.

Mar 25, 2020
I’m having an issue with my pc that I can’t figure out. Upgraded my ryzen 3 1200 to a ryzen 5 1600 the other day and had no issues. Pc ran fine. Today I bought some new thermal paste for the 1600 so I cleaned the cpu and put the new paste on. Went to boot the computer and now I’m just getting a black screen however the fans and rgb is all working. I’ve check the pins on the cpu and can’t find anything wrong. I’ve pulled the mobo battery and cleared cmos jumper as well. Made sure ram was seated properly. I reseated the cpu and still nothing. I put my old Ryzen 1200 back in and I’m still having the issue. I’m honestly clueless as to what to do to fix this. Also BIOS was updated before I put the 1600 in for the first time.

Asus x370 pro prime
Corsair vengeance ddr4 16gb
Gtx 1050ti
Corsair h60 aio Cooler
evga 650b3 modular psu

Any help would be appreciated!