Question PC turns on, but no display, and no power to USB keyboard or mouse ?

Oct 24, 2021
Hello guys,

Yesterday I had a problem with my pc. First things started a couple weeks earlier when I started getting blue screens randomly. I was getting an error because of my ram settings that I changed a while ago manually in order to be able to overclock my cpu a bit. It was working fine for more than 4-5 months, until one day I started getting those blue screens randomly that I mentioned before. I found out, that it might be because of ram changes I made before, so I set them back to default and everything worked fine until yesterday.

Might be a coincidence might be not, but the first blue screen appeared when I updated Poe (Path of Exile game). The first error code that i received from blue screen was 0xc0000001 if I remember correctly. Checked in BIOS, my ram was still in default settings. A couple minutes later I received another blue screen. It was another error code in letters, but I do not remember it correctly. Restarted pc, went into BIOS and set everything back to default settings. After doing that and launching pc again after some time I got another blue screen with the error code: 0xc00000098. I checked it up and if I'm not wrong it means that some files are corrupted or there is some issues with SATA and it needs to be fixed. After that I started getting Windows recovery blue screen whenever it was trying to boot. It was showing the same error that some files are corrupted and it needs to be fixed. Tried to enter safe mode, then tried to ignore errors so pc wouldn't shut down because of it, but neither of it worked.

At the end whenever I press power button, pc seems to work as always, no strange sounds, fans stopping or anything, but there is no display at the start so I don't even see it POSTing, as well as my keyboard and mouse flashes the second I turn on pc or plug the peripherals in usb, but the power is cut to them shortly, although usb ports charges my phone.

Now I'll tell you what I've done:

Bought a new CMOS battery, swapped it, and my pc kind of booted, but froze when I had to enter my pin code, so I restarted it, it booted ok, and just opened the browser and got blue screen again. After that, reseating CMOS battery didn't help at all.

Then tried to start it up without ram stick or putting it in different slots. No changes at all.

Then I disconnected everything from MOBO, took it out from case, and tried to start only the MOBO and pcu, same thing- no display, no power from usb to peripherals it just flashes once for a sec. Then tried various combinations with only gpu, then cpu and so on.

Did the paper clip test on psu and fan seems to be spinning, can't do anything else to test the psu though.

Unfortunately it's weekend and I can't bring it to someone, nor get some spare parts to check the components, especially the motherboard.

My pc:
Graphics card: rtx3070
Motherboard: asus b450m-a
RAM: 16gb ddr4 3200MHz 1x
PSU: Corsair CV650
CPU: AMD ryzen 2700 or 2700x, don't remember correctly.

Pc is almost 1 year old

Overall, i wanted to build my pc on my own, but at the time it was impossible to get 3070, so i bought already pre-built computer. I had some problems with the performance in some games, where my fps have been spiking, I thought maybe some of the components are not the most compatible with the others. Pc as well detects my ram as 2333MHz instead of 3200MHz, thats why i changed its timing and MHz manually.

Thanks, for any attempt to help.