Question PC turns on but no display, mouse and keyboard are dead

Aug 19, 2019
A few days ago my pc suddenly didn’t display anything on the monitor when I turned it on. My mouse and keyboard first light up (RGB) but die down a few seconds later. All the fans still turn on and so does the motherboard lighting. My monitor definitely works as ive used it on other stuff.

Ive tried a few things that im listing below:
  • taking out the gpu, nothing changes
  • changing the psu, nothing changes
  • resetting the bios, nothing changes
  • taking out the ram, nothing beeps (as I don’t have a beeper installed) but instead the fans keep running at a high speed. Usually when I boot my pc, the fans start running at high speed for a few seconds, then slow down. In this case, they would just keep turning at high speed.
-discharging the psu, Ive held the power button for a minute while the pc was disconnected but nothing again.

My build is relatively new (one year) so I find it weird. Im starting to think my pcu is broken cause it’s the only thing left. Lemme know if theres anybody ive missed and I should check!

Here’s my build:
-Gigabyte AB350m gaming 3
-Ryzen 5 1500X
-RX580 8gb
-Corsair 650W
-Sata and ssd drivers drives.
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