Question PC turns on but no Display

Mar 20, 2023
thank you to those who helped! turns out it was a boot loop but the monitor was too slow at detecting a display. Manage to resolve the issue by using another monitor that is more up to date

this pc came prebuilt with the following specs

CPU (High Performance Desktops) : AMD RYZEN 5 3600 | 4.2 GHZ | 6 Cores 12 Threads

Motherboard (Rapid, Horizon) : For AMD - GIGABYTE B550M DS3H


RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY (RAM) (DESKTOP) : 16GB KLEVV Performance 3200 Mhz (8x2)

PRIMARY SOLID STATE DRIVE (M.2 | DESKTOP) : 512GB Samsung GEN4 Ultrafast SSD (R 6900 | W 5000)

First Hard Drive : 1TB TOSHIBA 7200RPM HDD

POWER SUPPLY UNIT (Premium Range) : 800W FSP HYDRO PRO 80+ Bronze Certified PSU

WIRELESS LAN (DESKTOP) : INTEL AX200 Wifi 6 + Bluetooth 5.0

Background Info:

got this pc about a year ago

Never overclocked, no component changes, PC came with no operating system but managed to install Windows 10 Pro successfully, used to PC to play games such as Satisfactory on high graphics, no issue with temperatures or crashes, perfectly fine and working PC (well at least used to be)

PC turns on but no display

Suspected cause:
Owner of this PC (my brother), wanted to upgrade to windows 11 and wipe clean his operating system. According to his words, he wiped the system from file explorer (I have no idea how)

Now the PC is just stuck in like a "boot loop" but no display. Can clearly hear the PC fans speeding up and slowing down like it's restarting. Keyboard and mouse turns on and off as well

What I have tried:
Removing all connected drives (SSD & HDD)
Disconnecting all USB devices
Using both W10 and W11 thumbdrives in every possible USB port on the PC
Removing RAM - tried with only one stick and without any sticks
Resetting CMOS (both battery and clear CMOS pin)

But there's a catch
the "boot loop" only occurs when the SSD only is mounted, otherwise there's no boot loop but still same issue no display

Every troubleshoot I tried all leads to the PC turning on but no display

Monitor works fine, cable works fine, the PC definitely not fine
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