Question PC turns on but no monitor signal ( I tried moving mouse & pressing keyboard) ?

Jun 13, 2021
I go on a vacation and decided to bring my computer parts with me (psu, mobo, ram, cpu, cords) i just bought the peripherals at the place I'm staying at.

Everything was ok before I departed but when I got here and it's all set. I tried turning it on and:

-Mobo is lighting up.
-PSU and cpu seems to be doing well(it is all functioning properly 2 days ago)
-monitor is black
-mouse keyboard not lighting up
-tried inserting cable and my phone on the ports and it charges the phone, so i think it's still functioning.

So I don't know what's wrong. Still haven't bought AVR and I just plug it directly. Is that the problem? Thanks for the future answers.

Sorry for bad english