Question Pc turns on but the display, keyboard, and mouse is not lighting up.

Mar 29, 2020
Hey people of the Internet, I don’t know how to start this but uhm I was doing normal stuff (downloading drivers for my GPU) on my computer one day and it just freeze and so I unplug the cable from behind because the power button doesn’t work for some reason. Right after, I plug the power back in, it starts, all fans works and they lights up but there’s no display and the keyboard and mouse doesn’t light up.

Here’s what’s bothering me though, I tried plugging in the keyboard and mouse but there’s no power but when I plug in a Usb and my headset they all lights up. I tried every single thing I could find in the internet like removing the CMOS battery and doing the 30 sec holding the power button stuff,

I also tried removing the components and plugging them back incase there’s loose wires and I just don’t [censored] know what’s wrong or what’s the source because This is a newly bought motherboard and it’s not working. i’ve used it for more than two weeks I think

Core i5 7500k
GTX 1050ti ZOTAC
RipJaw DDR4 ram - 8GB one stick
EX-H110m-V - motherboard