Question Pc turns on for 2 seconds and then shuts off, does this in an infinite loop

Nov 21, 2019
Im new to this forum so im not sure if i posted this in the right place so i apologize for that in advanced.

As stated in the title, my girlfriends PC is turning on for 2 seconds and then off. it does this in an infinite loop.
The pc has been working perfectly for months now and never had any issues to it.
She was playing the game Rainbow six siege, got a bluescreen and this started happening.

Things we tried so far:
Unplugged power supply and put it back in
Tried to start without HDMI and all USB ports in use
Our friends told us it could be a HDD/SSD Issue and we should remove the sata cable from the hdd/sdd and plug it back in but that seems to be rather difficult as we cant get it out so far.

We're both really unexperienced with this stuff so i would appreciate some help! thanks everyone


Try to update your post with as much information as you can with respect to your girlfriend's PC and installed hardware.

Make, model PC? Where was the PC purchased?

Do you have the documents that came with the PC? There should be a "build" list. I.e., a list of all installed components. You do not really need to know what that all means per se. Just provide the listing as best you can.

Overall, there could be a number of things that have happened.

However, rather than speculate at this time, the objective is to just learn more about the PC.