Question PC turns on for a few seconds, then immediately shuts off!


Jan 4, 2021
GTX 960
MS-7163 OEM Mobo
650W Thermaltake Litepower Series
8GB DDR3 1666MHz
Gammaxx 400 Cooler
250GB SSD Kingston
1TB HDD Seagate

I was taking out the network card because it was interfering with the WiFi and I accidentally dropped the GPU. We put it back it and it was working perfectly for the whole day. The next morning I pressed the on button and it turns on for a few seconds, has 3 long beeps then shuts off immediately.

Note: Windows randomly came on and worked for around 5 minutes before blue screening of death again, running into the same issue beeping and PC shut off issue.

All fans are spinning and the temperatures are fine. What do I do?