Question PC turns on for a few seconds, turns off, then turns on but stucks on black screen

Mar 3, 2023
Just about a moment ago my pc was running just fine.
Then I shut it down, plug off everything and proceeds to install new ram.
When I plug everything back, it boots just fine into bios, but stuck on windows 10 loading screen.
Then I push the reset button, changed the boot device to my SSD first (before it was boot manager), got an error then changed it back to boot manager. Now it crash with windows blue screen error.

After a few hard restart now the PC won't even enter the bios. Every time I turn it on it would power on for about 10-15 seconds, then shuts down, then it automatically powers on indefinitely (sometimes it shuts off again but mostly don't) but the screen is black.

Power led is on, all fans are on, but it won't enter bios screen.

I did some test and here's the result:
  • Turns on with only ram and cpu > the pc shuts down first then turns on and stuck
  • Only ram > the pc powers on and did not shuts down
  • Only cpu > same as the first
  • Only the motherboard > same as second

From what I read it sounded like the cpu is the problem but it ran fine just a few minutes before and I didn't touch that area when I swap the ram.

Any insight would be very appreciated, thank you very much.


Could be a corrupt OS, could be a corrupt BIOS chip or the PSU is incapable of delivering necessary power to your entire build. Might want to include your system's specs as my colleague above has asked and also include the age of the PSU if it's been in service.