Question PC turns on (lights and fans) but display and peripherals don't (monitor, mouse, keyboard), cant tell if booting at all ?

Oct 21, 2021
So I just upgraded my PSU and my graphics card, but as I was messing with my old PSU trying to get it out, something happened that left my motherboard seemingly dead. The pc powers up with all fans and lights but none of the peripherals are detected/turn on and upon further inspection my motherboards Q LEDs don't light up at all with all components plugged in or with none plugged in, any ideas? Cant tell if it is booting or not due to monitor not displaying anything, this issue happened on both power supplies, could this possibly be my cpu?

My guess is that I have to get a new motherboard or replace my CMOS battery, but there are people more knowledgeable than me on this forum that Im hoping respond to this post

Things Ive tried:
reseating ram, reseating CSOM battery, reseating GPU, and changing out PSU

My specs:
cpu - i5 7600k
gpu - RedDevil 6700 xt (new) and Evga 1060 (old)
motherboard - Asus z170 pro gaming aura
ram - Gskill fury ddr4 3000mhz
Drives - Samsung Evo 870 1 tb (ssd), seagate barracuda 2tb (hdd), and seagate 1tb (hdd)
PSU - Nzxt c750w (new) and Coolermaster rs550w (old)

OS: Windows 10
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