Pc turns on no display


Jan 13, 2018
So, my pc turns on and has one short beep. everything turns on, however, although the display says dvi connected its just a black screen( with the back light). I recently shipped im pc and i thought i packed it well enough. Unfortunately, the top portion of the case was cracked, so i know for sure it got damaged and was handled poorly. Ive been trying to fix the issue myself and have done everything from the checklist for this issue.

I have done this:
1. Checked ram slots, took them all out and listened to the beep code
2. Checked if my pc detected my vgu by unconnecting it and listening to beep code. Very shortly after that it my pc would turn on at all so i tried the next step
3. i unplugged my psu and everything connecting to it and did the paperclip test. It worked fine, connected everything back made sure it was all securely connected. And now im back to where i started where the pc turns on but no display.
4. Other small stuff like resetting cmos and checking other things off the checklist for this issue

My specs:
cpu: amd fx 4320

Video card: gtx 1060 (also have my old 950 sitting in insulated material)

Mobo: asus m5a97

Ram: 2x 8gb ddr3( also have 2x 4gb

ddr3 in insulated material)

Psu:TR2 700w, atx 12v 2.3

Disk space: 750 gb hdd, 250 gb ssd(bootable)