Jul 24, 2022
I’ve exhausted so many options on this one issue, I recently installed a new AIO cooler, the Kraken x53 240mm, in replacement of my Wraith Cooler and after installing it then booting up my PC, there is 0 display on each of my monitors. All that happens is that my DRAM light turns on to a bright red. It’s strange because earlier this morning everything was working normally until I installed the AIO cooler. An issue I can think of is that 3 of my CPU pins were bent, but I straightened them out again after I realized the PC didn’t boot at all to begin with.

And I feel like I’ve exhausted every option I have

It’s a long list but I tried:

Checking the cables connecting from the PC to the monitor, they work.

Switching out graphic cards, nothing changed

Re-seating RAM in different DIMM ports, nothing

Trying only one stick of RAM, nothing

Cleaning the RAM sticks, nothing

Resetting CMOS battery, nothing

Resetting BIOS by holding power button while CMOS battery is removed, nothing

Putting back my old Wraith cooler, nothing

Just waiting for anything to pop up on my monitors, nothing.

I’m at a loss of what to do. Everything was working just fine this morning. Any help is appreciated



CPU: Ryzen 2700x

Card: RTX 3070 (plus a GTX 1060 I used to test with)

RAM: 16 GB Corsair Vengeance

PSU: EVGA G3 750w