Question PC turns on then powers off after several seconds ?

Sep 29, 2021
I knew this is already an age old question that I knew you guys always encountered but mostly those threads similar to this are mostly 8+ years ago.

I have a pc which is about a year old already to me and I use it as a working station (since I don't play games) like CAD, 3D modeling and etc. Then recently I experienced some issues in turning it on. Everytime I power the pc on the motherboard lights up and then turns off after split second (but I can still open it to windows and use the PC normally if I hastily power the PSU then push power button before it powers off). I find this uncomfortable and I'm worrying if there are some internal problems.

What do you think guys the problem(s) is?
-already checked my UPS
-my PC isn't that dirty
-cables seems fine
-monitor is working properly

PC Specs:
-Ryzen 3500X
-ASRock B450M Steel Legend
-GTX 1650 Super
-2x8 RAM
-Cougar 650watts 80+ Bronze

Thanks in advance for answers.
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