Question PC turns on, Windows boot up, but the screen is black

Jun 5, 2021
Yo, so let's get to the point.

I am having this problem for like 3 years now, and I don't know what else I can do.

I already replaced 3 motherboards and 1 CPU

So this is my problem: I turn on the PC, the numlock lights work fine, but my screen is entire black, and what is odd is the fact that Windows boot up! I can unplug something and hear the sound, and I also can restart the pc with the keyboard!

What I don't know is why this is happening and what is the cause.

As I mentioned, I brought 3 differents motherboards and one cpu over the years, and this problem seems to vanish in the first months, and then it turn back
And, sometimes, my GPU fan goes 100% (now in windows), the screen went black, and I can just shutdown the pc holding the powerbutton

What is odd too is that the screen goes black even in the BIOS screen, so, it's not a driver issue.
And the PC only works in the morning, I turn it on, and leave it for like 20 min without display, and then I restart it, and it works fine for the next 5 hours till the gpu fans go crazy. And no, during the evening or night I can't even try to make it works, because it doesn't.

I don't have other PSU or GPU
but the things I excluded as an issue is the HDD (cuz the problem still occurs without it), the mobo and the CPU, cuz they are new, like, 6 months of use.

I already cleaned the gpu, and the RAM sticks and didn't worked.

So, a month ago my house energy shutted down and fsr, after that, the problem stopped occurring for an entire week, and then it returned.

My specs are:
H310M E R2.0
Vs400w corsair
GTX 1050
RAM 8GB (single)
Seagate Barracuda 1TB