Question PC->TV black screen issue in one of HDMI ports


Nov 18, 2016
Hi guys!

I have this problem I tried a whole day solving, googling but nothing helped. I think it is unresolvable, but here goes:

I have PC connected to 1080p monitor via HDMI and also to 4K Samsung 55" TV via HDMI.

The TV has 3 HDMI sockets.
On socket 2 and 3 I can set resolution in desktop to 4K@60Hz and it works great. In games, I can play even up to 4K, however when comparing it to 1080p, it feels "choppy" so I suspect the refresh rate is only 30HZ on the 4K resolution. TO fix that, I read I should use the HDMI1 socket and that is where the problem starts.

When I use the HDMI1 socket, I get a black screen. I tried to connect both the monitor and the TV and I got black screen on both. So in TV settings I turned HDMI UHD COLOR OFF and now I got display at least on the monitor! So using extended display, I tried changing the resolution on the TV to 1080p and voila, I got screen - but only 1080P. When I changed it to ANYTHING higher than this, I got black screen again. Also when I enabled HDMI UHD COLOR again, it turned black too...

So my question is - what should I do? - How to get it working? I can play 4K 30hz but that just bleeds my eyes and makes my eyes/head hurt soon and is not pleasant in general.
Or I can play 1080p but then why do I have a 4K TV...? I just dont understand why using the HDMI2/3 sockets, I can set it to 4K 60HZ in WIndows, but in Games it is stuck with 30HZ?
And why does the HDMI1 socket behave thsi way?

Thanks to anyone who was willing to read it! :D