Question Pc under performing need help losing hope

Mar 25, 2019
i seriously need help now so lets start off i got my pc around a couple years ago it was a gtx 1060 3gb and a amd fx 6300 now ik everyones just going to say bottleneck bottleneck but it cant be i was running games ultra 1080p most games. Then i noticed that my performance started declining there are games i could run on max settings now i literally cant play at all and its really irritating and even on games such as fortnite i used to get 200+ fps it now stays at around 90 frames and will drop below 60 sometimes (this is all low settings and a stretch resolution) my gpu ran at around 30% and my cpu on around max so i thought it must be a bottlenecking so i eventually switched the cpu for an amd fx 8350 and my cpu usage has changed to about 60 - 70% in game after i done all my solutions but my gpu usage only went to around 40-50% in game from 30%. so i have looked into many solutions first of all was to scan for malware and all that stuff i done a deep clean on my system got a little bit of improvement but not how my system originally ran then i dont system OS reset didnt really do anything to be honest played around with some of the services that may be eating up usage and nothing has worked ive only seen a little bit of improvement but not like how my system was originally like i feel like ive done everything is there nothing i can actually do without having to throw the whole f***king thing away like im so lost now i dont know whats causing my gpu to run at such low usage i dont know if i need a new gpu or man i dont know people im so burnt out at this point im starting to give up :(
What is your motherboard?
You need a better than average motherboard to run FX-6 and FX-8 processors.
Lesser motherboards do not have robust voltage capability.
If your performance has changed over time, look to cpu throttling from overheating.
Do you do better if you take the case covers off?
Is the 40% GPU load only happening with Fortnite? Did this happen 3-4 days ago since the last GPU update on GeForec experience?

If both answers are yes, it's due to the latest driver update from NVIDIA. Me and all my friends have GPU load issues in Fortnite as the game is not optimised very well. Other games such as APEX and CSGO are running just fine for us though and the GPU runs at 100%.

You're CPU is 100% fine. Check with another game, you'll see that you'll get 100%.

You can either roll back the driver although I couldn't find the version before this latest one. Or you can wait for Epic to finally fix the tons of bugs in their game. Or you can hope for NVIDIA feeling kind and making a special driver just for Fortnite.


Oct 14, 2017
I had this exact problem 2 days ago after pc updates and one corrupted the hole os. The pc would run and everything worked but ALL components were acting out "mainly in game with gpu loads and cpu loads" create a windows 10 bootable usb using windows7 usb/dvd tool.. "DONT" boot from it just double click setup and install fresh os "KEEPING" all my files. But full reinstall of os. It will keep all your documents drivers.... Blah blah but install fresh copy of windows help fix my problems