Question PC Under-performing. RTX 2080TI - Ryzen 2700x - poor 1080p performance.

Jun 29, 2019
Here is my system.
nVidia Geforce RTX 2080ti (No overclock) (Latest Driver)
AMD Ryzen 2700x @ 4.0ghz (No overclock)
16GB of DDR4 RAM @ 2133mhz (2 Sticks of 8 running in dual channel) (No overclock)
900w Power Supply- Windows 10 Home Edition (Latest Update)

So, as the title says I am getting frames that I would not expect with this kind of system at such a low resolution and with everything set to high within the options menu. I am getting around 60 - 70fps most of the time with dips to the mid 40's and low 50's when in any town, Including Valentine.
I have seen plenty of benchmarks showing much higher frames with a very similar, if not same system at 1440p. I have also seen plenty of people showing the fact that this kind of system should never drop below 60fps especially @ 1080p high. Various benchmarks the game running at Ultra settings @ 1080p and never dropping below 60fps, Getting very close but not actually going under. I can't even achieve a constant 60FPS with everything set to high, I couldn't even do it with everything set to medium. It also only stayed at around 70 fps with dips to 60 in towns with everything but textures at low. This occurs on both Graphics API's and in story mode and online, Story however does have higher framerates but goes down to the same as online as soon as I enter a town.
Here are some videos showing this;
RDR2 - Online - High, 1080p - DX12:
RDR2 - Online - High, 1080p - Vulkan:
RDR2 - Story - High, 1080p - DX12:
RDR2 - Story - High, 1080p - Vulkan:
Now, I am aware that in the Online tests there were differences in the time of day and lighting, Like the fog. However, I assure you that there is NO difference at all even when its clear and daytime. I made the benchmarks in the same place for the sake on consistency.
I don't know what to do, This is not the only game that has issues either. Every game seems to underperform.
Fallout 4 only runs at 60fps @ Ultra with dips to the low 40's.
Fallout 76 stays at 50fps @ Ultra with dips to the 30's.
Fortnite at its lowest settings refuses to go anywhere past 100 - 110fps with it often dipping to 80fps.
Witcher 3 Has trouble staying at 60fps with Ultra settings, It manages, but gets very close to dipping under.
BFV runs like total garbage with drops to 50fps with DX12 on or off at High settings.
Anthem sits at around 45 FPS with drops to 30 when things start happening.
Destiny 2 sits at 60fps average with drops to 40 when things start happening on screen.
All of these games are playing at 1080p! It shouldn't be like this at all.

You see the trend here, everything I play doesn't perform anywhere close to where it should and i'm at a total loss.I have tried everything, literally. Hers a quick list of what ive tried, multiple times;
- Doing a complete reset and clean install of my graphic drivers using DDU, (Tried ALL hundreds of times it feels like).
Completely reset windows, both through windows itself and using the media creation tool - Deleting all partions too.
  • Re seated all of my components and tried putting the GPU and RAM in different slots, which had no effect.
  • Messed with bios settings - Used the optimiser built into the bios aswell.

I have tried literally everything I can think of. I need some help, Please. I spent WAY too much on the PC for it to perform like this. Any suggestions would be great.