Question PC underperforming in all games, please help

Sep 7, 2019
Hello. I have recently upgraded my old GPU from nvidia to RX 5700 and something went wrong with my hardware or drivers. As a benchmark I chose CSGO. I get around 90- 120 frames on max settings and 200 frames with occasional drops on lowest setting/480p res. Tried reinstalling windows with all drivers, temps are fine across the board. And another thing, blue screens have been bothering me for some time now, most recent one was SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION caused by ntoskrnl.exe(according to bluescreenview).
My pc:
PSU: Hiper type V700(it's old, though it was fine before upgrade)
MOBO: Asus H110 Plus
CPU: i7 6700
GPU: RX 5700
RAM: DDR4 HyperX Fury 2133 Mhz 16 GB
Tried running another benchmark:
Any help is appreciated, thanks
In every thread talking about AMD's new 5700 series, I see loads of problems with those cards. It's hard to say whether they'll eventually be worked out with better drivers, but it's an example why not to buy into new architecture until you know it works.

My advice is if you bought it from a place that is understanding and good with returns, get a full refund if it's within their typical 30 day period to do so.

The 2060 is nearly as good and can be had for less. With a moderate OC it would match it in performance. Or, for about $40 more, the 2060 Super performs better.


Did you uninstall the old gpu drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller?

One of your ram sticks may have gone bad. You can test with the following:
Prime95 Blend mode, AIDA64, Memtest86, and 3D Mark Timespy.
Sep 7, 2019
I went back to the store where i bought gpu, they plugged it in a test pc and it was working fine, so issue is on my end.


Aug 7, 2019
Do you have any more details on their test? Did you actually see the testing they did, or did they say "come back in an hour" and said it was fine? If you saw the testing, what did they do?
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^This, never take the "word" of a store you bought it at. They could be just trying to get out of RMAing, refunding, or swapping it out.

That said, check for a MB BIOS update that might resolve the issue, especially since it's a brand new model of GPU with new architecture.

I pretty much knew the blue screen crashes were not memory related though, as others have had such problems with the 5700. That's why it's best to buy such product from a vendor that allows 30 day returns.