PC unexplainable stutter


Jan 18, 2017
Hey guys :)
3 years ago I built my first pc. Back then I had an AMD R9 390, which I changed to an Nvidia GTX 1060. Right from the start (even with the AMD Card), I experienced weird stutter, whenever I played a game, and recently, as I took a look into the task manager, I saw that my SSD (Crucial MX500) is loading something at the time the stutter happens. Taskmanager shows that all other components don't even spike then the stutter happens. This happens in all games, particularly in CS:GO (gets a bit fewer as the game progresses, but still happens about once every round), and in PUBG and Portal 2 (where it is worst). I did everything I could think of (Bios updates, Driver updates, SSD firmware, checked temps, checked voltages, reset the whole system A LOT of times - including fresh installations of Windows and before that wiping the entire SSD). It also happens when I put my games onto my HDD. I am not even sure if it is my drive that is causing this, but at this point I don't know what to do anymore. I even checked the status of my drives with multiple programs (including official Crucial software, which tells me that my SSD has used mere 3 percent of its life time). The stutter also appears on a brand new system, full with updated drivers, and only Steam and the chosen game on it. Any help would be highly appreciated :D

Specs: I5-6600k, MSI Z270 SLI PLUS, GTX 1060, 600 W Be quiet, Acer XF270HU

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