PC unresponsive after playing certain games


Jan 22, 2017
I have always been able to figure out issues for the most part when my pc starts doing odd things. This problem in particular has me completely baffled.

Basically my PC runs great. I can load up and play pretty much any game at decently high settings with no issue. All programs open fast without issue. Its after I close a game I am having to restart my PC manually. I can't even restart normally. If I try to it just sits on the shutting down page forever. If I try to open anything after gaming, I get nothing. I can't even open firefox. Just a blank page with the loading icon. Its almost like there is a service or program running that is the culprit but I can't find one in particular that is causing this issue. During gaming I have no issues at all. No crashes or error reports. Problem seems to be random but occurs too much.

I have been dealing with this for awhile but I have had enough and would love if someone could assist me with this before I format which I really dont want to have to do. Thanks

Running Windows 7
i5 6600k (oc to about 4.2)
RX 480 (drivers always updated)

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