Question PC unusable until windows explorer is restarted in task manager

Jun 25, 2022
Hello everyone!

To start off, here are the specs: specs (pcpartpicker), and the PC in question is my fiance's.

More often than not, when my fiance boots up his PC, it will go to a black screen and show a loading wheel cursor for an indefinite amount of time. Restarting windows explorer on task manager seems to fix it most of the time. I wasn't sure how to search up this issue since it felt really specific so I was hoping to get some advice here! I can answer any questions needed to the best of my ability.

Anything is appreciated! Thank you!


Nov 30, 2021
While I think Userbenchmark is not a great tool, I like it for issues like this. Can you restart, and once everything is up and running, go to UBM and then upload your fiancés results to imager...not sure how it is spelled.