[SOLVED] PC upgrades for my brothers new found VR obsession.

Oct 1, 2020
Hey so recently my older brother purchased a valve index the top-of-the-line VR headset and at the moment his PC can run some VR games but he really wants to play half-life Alyx and what I've learned it is very demanding game. he currently has an intel I5 6500 and a GTX 1060. he assigned me to the job of finding the right upgrades and making sure everything is compatible and all that. now I personally don't play VR and i picked out the Intel Core i5-9600Know do yall think this will be able to run half-life paired with a 2060 super I know the GPU won't be a problem but I think the cores plus the clock speed of the 9600k should be sufficient but idk could anyone help me out a little bit. Thanks


Jan 9, 2021
do you think it will still be good hardware in a couple years
I think the GPU can just be upgraded very easily in a few years as long as you have a PSU with enough watts, extending the life of the gaming rig another few years with very little effort. Upgrading the CPU would probably be a bit more work.

But I would like to note there are already VR games that require a 9700K CPU as a minimum requirement (Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond), and a GTX 1080 (Lone Echo 2).

If you want hardware that will last longer, I would suggest you might consider waiting for next-generation AMD CPUs to release within the next several months (because they will probably come with new motherboards with AM5 CPU sockets, which would mean upgrading the CPU in the future would likely not mean having to replace your whole motherboard, RAM, etc... you could just install a new CPU upgrade without having to go through all that hassle and added expense, extending the life of your gaming rig another several years...)

That way the most important two components of your PC for gaming (graphics card and CPU) could both be more easily upgraded when you need to do so, making the system more "future proof."