Question PC Video Stops Audio Stutters Constantly USB Devices Still On Have to Manually Reboot

Oct 13, 2020
I am having a problem which the title describes. I suspect it's a faulty PSU, but I want to be sure that is the problem. Nothing is overheating when this happens everything is normal until randomly the audio does that thing like when you remove a gameboy cartage while it's still on, and my monitor looses signal. It's random and has no signs that it is about to happen.
here are my specs
XFX RX 580
Ryzen 5 3400G
24 gigs ddr4 RAM
Not sure the specific model of the PSU but it is a 650W NZXT supply
2tb Segate HDD
A320M-S2H Gigabyte Motherboard
Nothing is overclocked and there are no modifications
I might restart windows just to be sure it's not a software issue