Question PC was working fine, shut off during sleep and blinks for a split second when trying to turn back on

Dec 1, 2020
I’ve had this problem 4-5 times throughout the 2 years I’ve had this computer. Everything will be totally normal, working fine for months. Then one day i’ll try to use it and it won’t turn on (after being in sleep mode for the night). I flip the power switch off and on in the back and the cpu light and fans will turn on for a split second and then immediately turn off. If I hit the power button again, nothing happens unless I flip the power switch in the back and try again, then it flashes again.

In the past I’ve taken the whole computer apart, plugging it in after different parts are removed and put back in and it’s basically a different result every time and just boils down to me taking everything apart and putting it back together and then it’ll work fine again for a couple months.

I’ve tried loosening the bolts on the motherboard to ensure it wasn’t shorting from then back of the case, but no difference there. I started to think it had something to do with the battery in the motherboard and taking that out and putting it back in has worked in the past, but it did not work this time. Also have tried the paper clip PSU test in the past and that seems to be working fine.

I’m getting tired of taking apart and rebuilding my pc every couple of months so please let me know if you have any other ideas. I don’t know a whole lot about computers so try to keep your responses like you’re talking to a five year old.

PC Specs:
(cpu)Ryzen 7 2700
(gpu)Power Color Red Dragon Rx 580
(mobo)Gigabyte GA-AX370 Gaming 3
(ram)Adata XPG Gammix D10 16GB (2x8) DDR4 3000
(ssd)HP EX900 M.2 250GB
(psu)Corsair CX650M - 650W 80 Plus Bronze
(hdd)Barracuda 2TB 7,200 RPM
(case)NZXT H500

I appreciate any help I can get!


Feb 26, 2015
Sounds like we're having a similar problem. Is it something like this?