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Question PC will freeze and can't be turned off

Jul 2, 2020
My computer has been sitting in my room with little use. Recently, I took it out and cleaned the hardware and software. I used an air can to clean my hardware and factory reset windows. After the restart, I installed my drivers and started to use my PC. At first everything was fine, then after a little while I got a blue screen of death "Kernel_Security_Check_Failure". I let the blue screen run its course then hoped back. Around 15 minutes later I received a blue screen this time with "irql_not_less_or_equal". I let it go. Used my computer for 30 minutes then everything froze, I couldn't use my mouse or keyboard and animation were frozen in the middle. I tried to turn off my pc using the button on the case it didn't work. Then I tried to turn it off using the button on my motherboard, that didn't work either. Finally, I just turned off my power supply then turned on my pc. I started to Google solution, and after a couple minutes same thing happened my computer froze and I couldn't turn it off. This time I tried the reset button on the case and it worked perfectly. I am wondering what is causing the issue and how I fix it?

Things I've Tried:
  • Updated Bios
  • Ran Windows Memory Diagnostic (no problem)
  • In CMD ran sfc /scannow (some files corrupted but fixed, problem persisted, ran again no files corrupted)
  • Factory reset windows again (everything worked until I changed the location of my Desktop folder changed back, problem persisted. Don't think that is the problem)
  • monitored CPU and GPU temps (no overheating)
  • Drivers up to date
Possible causes?
  • My mom touched the grounded motherboard backplate and received a shock (motherboard or cpu fried?)
  • Changed location of desktop folder along with Docs, music, 3d objects, downloads, and pictures. (Changed location to default problem still persisted)
  • Too much thermal paste on CPU
  • Bad drivers
  • Corrupted windows update
  • PSU going bad
  • MOBO going bad
  • CPU going bad
  • Storage going bad
  • Bad bios
  • Too much power draw?
  • ??? Short with case ???
My PC specs:
Intel Core i7-5820
Asus x-99A
Asus STRIX 980 ti
Corsair CX750M 750 Watt 80 PLUS Bronze PSU
Samung 850 EVO SSD 250GB (boot drive, has space)
4 x WD black 1tb hard drive
2 x HyperX FURY 8GB ddr4
Old model Kraken x61
Cooler Master Stryker Case

-- None of my parts are overclocked --

Update: I just tried to do another factory restart and Windows said it couldn't restart.
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Jul 2, 2020
My guess is one of the 4 WD hard drives is starting to fail. Try booting with no mechanical HDD's connected, then one by one reconnect the WD HDD's. Make sure you do not plug or unplug any HDD's while the PC is running.
Removing the drives didn't work. I still have the same problems.