Pc will not boot after CPU upgrade from dead CPU


Feb 10, 2013
Okay so when I was at work my son who is 12 decided to take apart my HTPC :non: and this includes removing the processor from the socket and he knows enough about computers to take them apart. My wife was home but apparently not paying attention. I got home and I started it up and all of my fans and leds came on but no signal on monitor, I decide to take a look and and everything seemed fine but I took a quick look at the chip and a few prongs were bent. My son confessed to it, although I bought a new processor which is completely compatible with my mobo and I installed it completely correctly and still no signal. Everything is working fine, every fan is spinning which includes the video cards fans and heatsink. Do you think my son might have gotten thermal paste in the socket itself or as he was trying to put the CPU back into the board with bent prongs he might have damaged the socket or could the mobo be dead somehow or maybe the psu is not giving enough power to the system. Here are my specs:

MOBO: Asrock n68-vs3 fx
Video card: XFX 7770 black/Ghz edition
RAM: Eight gigs of 1600 ram
CPU: Went from dead fx 4100 to 6100
PSU: Standard 480 watt power supply



Mar 29, 2008
First try clearing the CMOS. If that does not work check cpu socket for damage, also make sure the 4pin atx 12v connector is locked in place. Check all other power supply connections to make sure they are secure.

Starting to look like a new mobo required. Thermal paste theory a possibility, but how to get rid? Maybe some cleaner brushed into the socket would work? (Arctic Silver 2 do a kit which includes bottles of cleaning fluid). Last ditch attempt?...

Agreed! Plenty AM3 Asus mobos reasonably priced...(not that I have a clue how much the Asrock is...)
Hmmm, quick look reveals Asrock very competitive!