Question PC will not fully shut down

May 19, 2019
So, since last night when selecting "Shut Down" in the windows power menu, windows will turn off and my monitor will turn off, but my Motherboard stays on. My GPU rgb stays on, my MoBo RGB stays at the color I set it at, and my fans continue to spin. All of them. CPU Fans, Case fans, all. Oddly enough, the HDD sounds like it spins down and it makes the same sound as it used to when it turned off.

Probable cause is that when I did some cable management last night, I worked on it after switching my PSU to off but not unplugging it.

MoBo : Asus Z390E gaming Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

Things I have already tried : Resetting my BIOS settings by shorting the jumper pins, flipping the PSU switch off and back on, turning off quick start in the BIOS AND Windows settings, updating some drivers, and updating bios.

The computer is still able to be shut down by holding my physical case power button, and restarted by pressing the physical case reset button, HOWEVER I am no longer able to wake the pc from sleep with input.

I would really like to be able to fix this without removing my CMOS battery as it's under my GPU and that scares me. I'd also like to avoid reinstalling windows entirely.

Thanks in advance for the help!! Any more info needed will be provided asap.