Question PC Will not get to desktop: Inconstant freezes on startup


Nov 11, 2015
PC Will not get to desktop: Inconstant freezes on startup, automatic repair/ bios, and safe mode, or no post at all QCode 62

I have just built a new pc from used parts that I collected over the past few months and I am having major problems with getting to windows desktop. Upon turning on the power supply and starting up the computer, I sometimes get a post but others I get a QCode 62 with the vga led on my Rampage IV Extreme. If I get a post, I can get to bios ok but sometimes there are sudden freezes that force me to reboot. Past bios, I cannot get to the normal windows 10 login screen as it stutters and freezes when there is the spinning dots over the splash screen. All of these things tell me that this problem most likely has something to do with the gpu that is installed, which is a Titan Z. After three reboots, I can get into automatic repair, which lets me access safe mode in advanced options. I have only been able to do this twice due to being stuck in the last problems mentioned for most of the time. In safe mode desktop, I go to install new gpu drives via Geforce Experience but it fails to open. Safe mode wont let me install a new copy of Geforce Experience because safe mode disables a windows file manager I think. I haven't done anything with nvidia control panel because it freezed before I could do anything else, and I haven't been able to get back into safe mode.

I have flashed the newest bios possible on the Rampage IV Extreme because it stated that the newest bios would bring better system stability, but nothing changed.

Computer specs:
NZXT Kraken x61
8gb Patriot DDR3-1600
Asus Rampage IV Extreme
Titan Z
Sandisk Ultra II 480Gb
Corsair RM850x

I would really appreciate your help!

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