Pc will not post, suspect psu


Aug 30, 2009
My only indication of available power is the LED at the power button flashes red. This power indicator sometimes illuminates green momentarily, but quickly changes to flashing red. This is a stock Compaq Presario model 6016us, w/200w psu, which I believe to be faulty. It has a 20 pin power connector, AMD cpu@1.6Ghz. and 512ram. I have taken voltage readings at the motherboard connector as follows:

orange: 0 volts static, when pwr button pushed, 5.4 falling to 0 in few seconds
red: 0.1 to 0.3 volts static, falling to 0 volts after pwr. button pushed.
white: 8.8 volts static falling to 0 rapidly when pwr pushed.
blue: 0 and 0
grey: 0 and 0
green: 14.9 volts and no change when power button is pushed.

Westom, are you out there?