Question PC will not post

Oct 17, 2021
I cannot get a rig im putting together to post to screen, i have tried everything i can think of to fix it.
Parts are
MSI x370 gaming plus mb
Ryzen 1400
Gskill Aegis 2x16 ram
EVGA power supply 650 gold
tried with both 960 and my working 1080
All components have been confirmed working except the psu, which i replaced with the evga. I have cleared cmos, all parts are properly seated, the power connectors are firmly in place.
Ive also tried it with an asrock b450 motherboard in a different case to the same results. What can i still do to try and get it to work?
There is also no post beep, the vga ez debug will stay on a few seconds and then it will stay on with the boot device ez debug.
Both the ssd in it and the hdd were working in their previous rig, but even with them removed and a flash drive installed or with no drives it still will not post to the screen. I have no access to bios or anything, but the fans turn on