Question Pc will turn on but no display

Nov 1, 2021
I’m gonna try and keep this as precise as possible.

recently when my pc has gone to sleep it’s started to not display when I’ve clicked the power button to wake it up. Normally just a holding of the power button to turn it off and back on again does the trick and it will just boot like normal and start. When I came to do this this morning the pc has started. Fans are running and LEDs on but no display. I’m moved the GPU onto a new sli slot. Put different power cables into the GPU and still nothing. I’ll put a list of my specs down below.

I’m currently at university so don’t have any of my old hardware to try as well as the money to replace everything. I kind of need my pc for all my work so any advice will be beautiful.

Motherboard - MSI x99a sli plus
GPU - 1080 ti founders edition
CPU - intel i7 5820k 6 core
PSU- Corsair cx750