Pc with no display



I know there has been loads of other posts but none seem to help me my pc boots up well so it seams but with no diplay ive tryed a new graphics card and that didnt help its all brand new so i would hope it all ok also this is being done as a bench test.

spec- mother board msi p965 neo-fv2
intel core 2 duo e7400 2.8ghz 1066mhz
ocz ddr2 pc2 6400 2gb x4
asus en9400gt 1gb hdmi
hdd and dvd drive also

there is also no onboard graphics port or an agp slot

any help is great! . thanks
This checklist is a very good place to start:


My first guess would be that your old P965 motherboard doesn't support the E7400 at least without a BIOS update. It may not support it at all. I'll have to check MSI's website to see if they have a CPU support list posted. The P965 chipset is 2 generations old and was never intended to run the new 45nm chips.

My second guess would be a RAM problem since you're trying to run 4 sticks of RAM. Follow the steps in the checklist that deal with RAM.