Question PC won’t boot or go into BIOS

Dec 12, 2019
I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right section but..

Last night I had a windows 10 update, which I installed but after installing the PC wen’t black. I waited a couple of hours and it was still black. I forced my PC to shut down and when I tried turning it back on again the following happened; first it beeps once and shows the splash screen where I normally can go into the BIOS (which doesn’t work anymore, I can’t use any of the options stated in this screen). Then it beeps a couple of times more (which it normally does not) and after that the screen goes black.

Again I tried waiting but without success. I’m pretty sure my windows mist have somehow corrupted with the update. Any ideas on how I can solve this without losing any of my files (I’m not an expert so any help is appreciated)?

Thanks :)

(I also tried resetting the cmos, without any luck; didn’t expect it to work either)