Question Pc won’t Post. Lights flash and fans spin for half a second, then stops .

Oct 9, 2019
Since September my pc has run into an issue were it just wouldn’t post. Unless I’d spam the cmos button on the board( that would occasionally turn on). If I managed to get my pc on, it would randomly shut down again upon long hours of use, in this case I can’t start it up again by spamming the clear Cmos. At this point if I leave it alone unplugged long enough it would turn on using the same method. I’ve tried removing everything from the mobo to just test it out by itself, but the problem still persists. I’ve changed my Cmos battery ( as I’ve had this pc for around 5 years) but still the same problem. I’m trying to figure out wether or not it’s a power supply issue based on the fact that it will only sometimes post and boot when it’s left alone for a while, unplugged. Or could it be a bad capacitor on my motherboard that won’t let the whole board to be powered.