Question PC won’t start up with GPU plugged in to PSU

Jan 16, 2022
PC won’t start up with GPU plugged in to PSU


Around a month ago, I was starting to get crashing under pc load (video games). The monitor would lose signal to the gpu and I could still hear audio but couldn’t get a video until I restarted.

I bought a new PSU hoping that would fix the problem, and the first day I put it in, I had no issues. One day later, the pc won’t boot now, only the rgb on ram lights up when I turn on the pc.

Using both the new and old psu, I’m finding out that when my gpu is plugged in, the psu fan won’t even spin. When I unplug the gpu, I’m getting beeper codes for missing gpu, but the rest of the pc fans start up including the psu fan. Does this mean my gpu is dead or something? Any advice on how to move forward would be appreciated.


Gigabyte b550m ds3h
Ryzen 5 5600x
Corsair Vengeance 3200 2x8gb
New PSU: Segotep 750w gold modular
Old PSU: EVGA 600w bronze