Question PC won’t turn on, is it PSU or Motherboard?

Oct 30, 2020
So I just recently built my gaming PC and had some issues building it but overall got it done and it ran very well, temps were averaged at 41C and I didn’t have any issues, woke up after using it regularly (built it 5 days ago and I’m on it 3hrs everyday) and I turned on the PSU switch and pressed power but then all my mobo lights went off and fans went off too, no power throughout it. I got a volt stick that detects power when near something and it beeped when on showing power on the psu (yes I turned on the switch) I’ve been searching forums and even checked cpu which had no damage to it, RAM was taken out and plugged in multiple times in the correct slots, 24 pin was plugged in and taken out multiple times, I even switched the motherboard that was of same quality. I think it’s the psu but wanted to know if you guys had any input
I7core 10700k
700w psu Eco Gold
B460M Steel Legend Asrock mobo
(I have other parts but these are the main ones I think)