Mar 7, 2022
So recent I ran into this problem. My pc was working fine. I turned it off and couple minutes later when I tried to turn it back on, it just didn’t turn on. So I opened the pc to check if any wires got loose but everything was fine. Now when I plug the PSU cable/press the psu switch, motherboard RGB lights comes on. But when I press the power button on the case, it does nothing. No lights, cpu/ other fans run, nothing even shows on the monitor. I took it to the repair shop and they suggested me as motherboard is the main issue. So I changed the motherboard but it’s same. When I press the psu switch, motherboard RGB lights comes on but when I press the power switch on case, it does nothing. Then I thought maybe my PSU is bad so I changed it and it’s same. Then I thought maybe my power switch on case gone bad so I bought a new case but it’s same. Motherboard RGB lights comes on upon pressing the psu switch but when I press power button, it does nothing. I checked if all the cables are plugged in or plugged in right place, which they are. Now upon pressing the psu switch, I can also see a small white light from GPU and as mentioned motherboard RGB lights comes on but pressing power switch does nothing. I also tried jump start but doesn’t work. Can anyone help me here please! I am really confuse as what is the main problem?

If you wondering, I also took out all the components, plugged one by one to see if my pc turn on but it doesn’t. Now I really don’t know what I can do here.
include your COMPLETE system specs including everything's make & model and their time in use.

bad CPU or GPU will still allow the system to power up and POST just not without errors or will be missing video output.

bad memory can interfere with proper POST so that is what i would be checking.
try each module one-at-a-time in each DIMM slot and see if any of these configurations will allow the system to power up further.
and/or try the memory kit in another system to ensure they work properly.

also try different power outlet, different surge protector, and remove any UPS if connected.

i would also have a local shop test the CPU just to rule that out.

if memory, CPU, & power outlet delivery turn out okay,
the fact that this system was supposedly running fine before all of this;
i would seriously just say that your crazy and hallucinating this experience.
replacing power supply, motherboard, and case would have ruled out every other possibility.

the only option left would be to take it to a shop and have them do a total diagnostic and have them prove their outcome to you by showing you first hand what they've done to verify the faulty component and get it running properly.