PC won' shutdown properly! Lights and fans stay on. Please help!

Sep 17, 2018
I just recently built my first PC and it does not shutdown! After I shut it down through windows the lights and the fans continue to spin even though the monitors lose signal. I have to hold the power button every time I want to turn it off which I know is really bad for my computer.

I have tried going to power options and turning off fast boot in Windows 10 aswell as the bios.

I tried updating the Intel MEI drivers but maybe I didn't do it properly?

If you have any suggestions please let me know.

My motherboard is an ASRock x299 taichi xe.

Edit: I already did a clean reinstall of windows 10.



Try resetting the BIOS as its possible a setting in the power options of the BIOS is conflicting with windows.

Do you have latest BIOS on motherboard?

Try downloading the App Centre and run it on PC to confirm you have latest drivers - https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/X299%20Taichi%20XE/index.asp#Download

its not windows if the PC still remains on with Fast startup turned off. Bugs like that wouldn't happen on 2 installs either