Question PC won,t boot, no post, no bios, and just keeps restarting please help!


Nov 5, 2014
asrock b450m pro 4-f
ryzen 5 3400G
2x4gb hyperx Fury
reddragon 500w psu

my pc is 1 yr old, my issue has been happening for quite a while now, already changed my PSU with a generic one. but the PSU is not the issue because sometimes it runs but sometimes it won't, if it won't run and just keeps on rebooting(doesn't even go to post),
I do some troubleshooting like reseating rams, resetting CMOS battery, shorting CLR CMOS, reseating GPU, reseating CPU, replugging hard drives, I just repeat all of this until I get lucky and get it to run, now I'm fed up, I don't know if the motherboard or the CPU needs to be replaced, also I don't have the luxury to test either of them to see which of them is dead or dying.
please help, what can I do? Can someone help me with this thing...

to add:
I also found a solution to avoid this problem by not shutting down the pc and I just put it to sleep, sometimes I don't even turn it off, but I also need to save electricity
that's why I put it to sleep so it won't completely lose power, I have done this method for about 2 weeks then we had a long blackout about 3 days no electricity, I was worried that I will encounter the problem again, but voila! it turned on quick after 3 days without electricity, since then, I have been shutting down my PC properly every day, but now I encountered the issue again because I went on a whole day vacation and didn't use the PC for a whole day, and here I am now. Help, please

I think I fixed it again, I removed the thermal paste and it worked, and I remembered I did this the last time, I removed the thermal paste, put heatsink in w/o thermal paste. it worked and started shutting down properly, then I thought that it's fixed, I put on thermal paste, still working up until now, so I removed thermal paste, and its working, hmmm?
the thermal paste that I'm putting is pretty old, about 9yrs old, by Deepcool, it has a Z with a number next to it I cant remember. it came from a fan I bought from Deepcool years ago,
do you think it is caused by the thermal paste?
by the way, I don't put a lot, only pea-sized and I don't even spread it, I just let the weight of the heatsink spread it, that's how I always put the paste in.

put my pc to sleep last night, and now it wont turn on again, and just keeps on rebooting, this is so frustrating.
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What I do is put a little on, spread it with an old credit card, then scrap it off using the same card. & clean off any that has gone over the edges.
Then I put a grain of rice sized (and shape) down in the center and install the cooler tightening the screws in an X fashion so the paste gets spread evenly.
Old paste should only cause the cpu to heat up faster, it shouldn't stop it from booting up unless you put so much on it gets underneath it.