Question PC won't accept newer graphics drivers; crashes midway through installation and BSOD. Is it an OS issue?

Mar 14, 2020
I'm running a i5-4460 paired with a GTX 970 and 16GB RAM. I have an issue with my sytem not accepting any graphics drivers released after September 2019 like they're Corona-ridden Chinese immigrants. If I try to install any drivers above 436.30 (released in September 2019), the PC crashes before the drivers finish installing and then give me a blue screen that says "Windows could not load properly".

I'm running the latest version of Windows 10 version 1909. The only way I can get the latest drivers installed is through safe mode but after restarting it still won't boot up until I go back in there through safe mode again and remove the drivers. All of my components run upto their max potential when running on older drivers. I have tried installing all 5 or 6 most recent drivers but the PC won't start with them. Is it a Windows issue or is my card dying or something? Please help.


As described here, it totally looks like a Windows update issue. It may or may not work if you figure how to revert the 1909 update.

If the GPU is actually bad, then it won't run properly no matter what OS you try to run. I therefore suggest you try to boot the computer using a Live-CD/USB image and see if it runs desktop, web browser, etc. properly.
Linux Mint should be a good choice.