Question PC won't boot after changing CPU and RAM (Damaged Mobo?)

Jun 24, 2022
I recently switched my old CPU and RAM from AMD R5 1500X to R5 3600 and Corsair vengeance 2666 to 3200.

However, after putting these components in my PC, when I turn it on all the fans spin, but nothing else happens. My monitor stays black and I can't get to bios or windows.

I have access to another PC, and I put the new CPU and RAM in there and it works fine, and I tired putting in a different CPU and RAM into my PC and still have the same problem booting.

In theory my CPU and RAM cannot be the problem as they work in another PC. The new CPU and RAM are compatible with my Mobo as far as I am aware (Asus prime B350m-a).

Any ideas what the problem could be? A static shocked mobo? Damaged PSU?

My pc worked perfectly fine before switching the components. Stupidly I didn't wear an anti-static wrist band, but I worked on a hard surface and on a wooden floor, and grounded myself by touching a radiator and a tap to be safe.

I didn't change the GPU, but I tried booting my PC with the GPU unplugged from the PSU and my hdmi cable plugged into the back of the mobo, but it was still in the pci and the fans on it spun up. I didnt fully take it out as I am pretty sure it is not the problem.