Question PC Won't Boot After Installing New Ram

Apr 8, 2020
Hi, today I installed 2 more gigs of ram with 800mhz frequency. I have 4 DIMM slots on my motherboard and I was using 2x800 mhz and 1x667mhz ram, but today I installed a new 800 mhz ram with the same CAS Latency as the other 2x800 I have, but my pc didn't boot. I removed the 667 one and it booted, so my question is I could boot my pc before I installed this new 800 but now I cant boot with the 667 installed. How can I solve this or do I have to buy one more 800 mhz?
So you need to do some more testing.

Remove all your ram and see if the new 800 pair you bought will post and boot. If not, this ram doesn't seem to be compatible.

Replace these your original 800 pair and confirm that it will post and boot. If not, check and clean the contacts on the 800 pair and try again. These should work since they worked originally.

Remove all your ram and put in the 667 module by itself to confirm it still works. If not, clean its contacts and try reseating and different slots until it does.

Finally, put all your known working ram back in the system and try to post and boot. If it does not, keep moving modules around to different slots until it does. Good luck!
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