Question Pc won't boot after plugging 2nd monitor


Jul 29, 2016
Hi all, so I bought a new monitor today, everything was working fine, when I went to plug my old one I noticed that my gtx 970 only had one hdmi port so I searched for another cable since I don't own a display port cable and I found a hdmi to dvi cable that I used to use on my old monitor.

So I plugged it in but there was no signal, as I thought it would be a simple thing I just went on Nvidia control panel on the setup multiple screen. The 2nd monitor didn't show up there so I saw an option something like force screen detection and it detected the 2nd monitor but didn't show any image.
So restarted the pc and now it just beeps, 1 long 3 shorts.
I've removed the 2nd (old) monitor, I've removed the new one, I've swapped cables, plugged the old one back, with no monitor plugged in. It just beeps.
I don't know what to do more, did I fry the gpu by plugging the 2nd cable while the pc was on?

My motherboard is a gigabyte z97 g1 sniper and the gpu is a gigabyte gtx 970 g1 gaming.