Question PC won't boot, Automatic Repair crashes into BSOD

Jul 21, 2019
So I build a new PC, and installed Windows 10 and a few drivers and programs. After starting Overwatch I noticed that the system wasn't using my Graphics Card, so I closed the game, and then my PC crashed. Well, and now I can't even boot the PC anymore. Here's what's happening: I press the power button - Mobo logo appears - windows logo appears, saying preparing automatic repair (because my pc already crashed a few times during boot) - and then, after those dots spin a few times, I get a BSOD with different error codes.
Error Codes: irql no less no equal
driver overran stack buffer
system thread exception not handled
page fault in non paged area
and sometimes it says ACPI.sys or fix storport.sys

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: ofc I should have put my specs in, I'm sorry
Aorus Ultra Z390
RTX 2080 8GB Gigabyte OC White Gaming
Trindent Z RGB 2x8 GB 3200MHz CL16
Corsair H100i Platinum SE
Samsung 860 EVO 1TB
Corsair RM850x
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Have you tried removing the graphics card and boot using the onboard graphics?
Have you tried booting without the SSD to see if you can get into the BIOS?
Have you tried booting with only 1 stick of RAM?
Have you double checked your CPU cooler is installed correctly?
Have you double checked all the cables and plugs from your power supply?