Question PC wont boot, burning smell after installing RMA'd PSU ?

Aug 20, 2021
Hi there,

I recently posted here regarding an issue with my Corsair power supply. The unit malfunctioned while I was using it and I returned it - a piece of solder broke loose and fell out. Since then, Corsair sent me a refurbished unit which I installed today.

When I turned the refurbished power supply on, the board lit up along with the ram sticks. I hit the power button on the top of the case, but the machine didn't post. Several codes appeared on the motherboard before shutting off. I tried again and it still didn't work. Then I noticed a burning smell - reminiscent of fireworks - and immediately unplugged the PC. I didn't notice any lights from my RTX 3090 or H170i either.

At this point, I have no idea what to do. I'm afraid the defective power supply destroyed my computer. I spent a lot of time saving up money for this build and now it's toast as a result of a faulty power supply.

Any advice would be great, feeling pretty defeated and bummed out at the moment.

My PC build with all current components: