Question PC won't boot from correct drive after force-shutting down when rebooting


Dec 18, 2012
Hello guys,

Last night I went to bed and when clicking on "Shut down", i accidentally clicked on "Restart", as it was taking a few seconds and I just wanted to go to bed, I forced the computer to shut down by continuously pressing the power button. It shut down but the motherboard's light (RGB Light - Gigabyte b450 Aorus Elite logo RGB light) stayed on which never happens.

Today I started the pc but the error "reboot and select proper boot device" came on, to my surprise.

I started the BIOS a couple times, a few of those times the SSD wouldn't show up, a couple others my HDD wouldn't show but they've both been showing when I tried the last times.

I installed the Media Creation Tool on a USB so I could access the repair function, it ran for 3 seconds and it said it coulnd't resolve anything so I tried using the Console.

To my surprise, i listed my drives (which are C: and D:) directories and for some reason, my storage drive (D:) has become my C: drive and my SSD has become my D: drive which I guess is the root in this problem, something must have malfunctioned due to me forced the computer to shutdown while rebooting.

I tried using DISKPART to select the D: drive as active (actually, for some reason it forces me to first select a disk and then a partition inside that same disk) but it gives me the error "The Select Disk is not a fix MBR disk",

how can I resolve this? should it be better for me to reinstall windows being that it is possible without losing personal files (right?)

Thanks in advance!