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PC won't boot if Hard Drive is plugged in.


Oct 17, 2015
I installed Windows 7 via USB method on my hard drive. I used advanced tools first to delete and create a partition (but didn't format the partitions) created by Windows 7, that being a 100mb one used for system files and the main partition. However, it still let me install Windows 7 though and ran the installation process until rebooting the PC itself and then just freezes at boot screen very early on. I cannot even enter Bios or anything.

Even if I plug this broken HD in as 4th HD and C: drive having an Vista on it. It still stops the computer from booting up and cannot enter Bios. But if removing the drive everything is fine?

My motherboard is an ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe. I have read on another forum that you need disable LGA in Bios temporarily to fix things with the drive and seems to have happened all because I installed Windows 7 on an unformatted partition?

But don't see any LGA setting in my Bios when I unplug that broken HD replaced with another working fine letting me go into Bios.
Welcome to the TH community, GTB1964!

I'd recommend you to try plugging the HDD via SATA-to-USB cable or a dock station (externally), using a different SATA cable or SATA port on the mobo altogether might help too. Then try running some diagnostic tests using the manufacturer's HDD tool. If you cannot find it on their website, you can refer to this thread with some third-party tool suggestions: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/282651-32-best-diagnostic-testing-utility

If you're unable to test the drive externally, you could use a DOS version of some HDD diagnostic tool as well. It will also help you determine the health and SMART status without booting into any OS.

Hope this helps. Keep me posted! :)

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